Raised in the rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania in the USA, I’ve always kept one foot inEmily_Gudeman_GudeGirlsEat the culinary world while having the pleasure of living all around the world with my career as a digital marketer. Whether it’s working in a boutique coffee shop in Philadelphia, teaching cooking classes in San Francisco, studying the hospitality of Chicago, running pop-up restaurants in Austin, TX, or studying the markets of London, I have never strayed from my love of people, culture, and its influence in cuisines. When I’ve traveled across 6 continents(I’m coming for you Antarctica!), learning about the local cuisine is as much of a part of the trip as seeing the local sights! You have to eat any way so why not use it as a opportunity to try a new dish or recipe that may become a tasty memory that you can take home with you!

As I’ve traveled both near and far, I’ve learned that food is a commonality that we all share. Whether you are a foodie or not, almost everyone has memories or attachments to certain meals and foods. Whether is tamale making with family in South America at Christmas or the special trimmings that appear on the family table only around Holiday dinners with family in western culture. Everyone feels special when treated to their favor cake, dessert, or dinner on their birthday, don’t they?

I’ll being sharing the recipes, meals, and traditions that connect people, families, friends, and cultures from my travels. Everything that you need to know about a country, group or culture appears in their cuisine. History, economics, agriculture, biology – it’s all there! By diving into the ingredients and history that make up a culture’s cuisine – in something as every day as our favorite meals – we can experience the overlapping parts of our lives and the traditions from one country to another that we may all enjoy.