This is fun…and hard.

I had dinner with an old friend last night that I hadn’t seen in about a year. We were talking about the huge changes that we’d had in the last year. For him, a move across the sea to Dublin, new love, a springtime marriage, new house around the corner and, the BIG news, a new baby on the way for summertime. For me: New love, new marriage, new citizenship, new company and a new website…which is starting to feel like a birth in itself!

I’ve spent the last 18 years as an digital adopter, evangelist, and marketeer. I’ve helped countless, blue chip companies build their digital brands, presence and traffic. I know what good looks like and, man, this is going…OK. Don’t get me wrong, I am LOVING this adventure and there isn’t an better time to do this. There are countless apps and programs and platforms to make your photos, words, and content known. Each one with a unique audience, format, and voice. Which is GREAT! And loads of work! Because I want this to be great! I want for all of my travels and secret finds and lessons and learnings to be useful and valuable to everyone. It is, I hope, my gift to you.

I tell myself that any progress is progress, stay alert & humble(easily achieved currently) and to enjoy the process. I delight in the smallest of wins like FINALLY finding a website format I liked and discovering an inexpensive lapel microphone that means I only need TWO devices to record videos! Small wins that make me feel like, yes, maybe, I can do this!

So, while I fumble learning how to be my own publicist, creative director, producer, writer and project manager, sit back and enjoy.  I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be a few former team mates that will get a kick about me back at rolling up my sleeves!


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